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India’s Scale Story:
Where We Are Now And Where We Need To Go

The Backstory

India's story of tech entrepreneurship so far has been quite spectacular despite some hiccups. The opportunity ahead is far bigger than one can imagine, and derisking the scaling journeys of start-ups is critical for success.

The Shift

Even as more start-ups scale, sustainable scaling is becoming the need of the hour.

The Future

We believe that start-ups in the future will be solving some of India's most wicked problems. In the process, they will create far-reaching social and economic impact.

To achieve this, The Ability To Scale Is Critical

Scaling is not just about managing growth or anticipating risk. It is about capitalizing on an opportunity so massive that it can potentially tear apart different pieces of an organization. That's a hard journey. We believe there is a playbook for scale to help make the right choices at every step to future-proof the journey.

We Aspire To Build A World Class School For Entrepreneurship

That will arm founders and their management teams with just the right arsenal for scale

Ashish Gupta


An IIT Kanpur and Stanford alumnus, he co-founded Helion Ventures & is on the boards of Naukri, HUL, Skit, Urban Company, Gupshup & WhatFix. A Kauffman Fellow, he advises funds & startups.

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Pavan Vaish


An IIT Kharagpur and Stanford alumnus, he is an entrepreneur, angel investor & actively involved in the start-up and investor community. A TIE charter member, he guides startups through their scale challenges.

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Pramath Sinha


An entrepreneur, institution builder & philanthropist, he is an IIT-K and a UPenn alumnus. He is the Founding Dean of ISB, the Founding Provost for Anant National University, Founder and Trustee of Ashoka University and many more.

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Sanjeev Aggarwal


Co-founder of Helion Ventures & the Fundamentum Partnership, he helps shape the journeys of several category creating enterprises in India across sectors. He had also co-founded Daksh (acquired by IBM).

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Suruchi Maitra


With a deep understanding of scaling start-ups in a global arena and cross-border cultural nuances, she led the Human Capital function at start-ups like UnitedLex and Exclusively.in She started her career at Daksh and was the CHRO of Lenskart.

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T. N. Hari


An angel investor, advisor to VCs and founders, mentor to start-up accelerators, author & columnist he is an alumnus of IIT-M & IIM-C. He has been a part of 5 successful high growth start-ups and exits including an IPO on NASDAQ

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Genuine learning is when you come across an insight or knowledge that just makes so much sense..that it sinks in. You don't need to make notes ..never need to recollect it . It stays with you forever.. Artha sessions had many many such nuggets.. Any why ? Because genuine people were speaking distilled information from their vast knowledge bank and truly trying to help... Heartful heartful thanks to Hari TN Debleena Majumdar Hars Saraf Vivekananda Hallekere and Nishchay Ag and all my fellow entepreneurs in the cohort. :) Looking forward to many more opportunities to spend time with the lovely bunch !!!

Dinesh Ganti

'Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher' What an amazing session with Hari TN Debleena Majumdar Prateek Jain regarding story telling, goal settings and culture. The time we spend there was worth valuing and we got many insights , unlearn a lot and finally got the right crux of what we are... Thanks Kerala Startup Mission for arranging such a wonderful session and once again appreciate the effort and way of approach by the coaches... #startup #storytelling #culture #pitching

Hari Sasi

Attended Startup Scale Program Organised by Artha School of Entrepreneurship at Cochin. Great sessions from visionary leader like Hari T.N & Suruchi Maitra . Learned & discussed on problem solving through frame work, uncluttered thinking, self awareness and hiring related clarifications and lot more.

Pradeep PS

I learnt how culture building, uncluttered thinking , laser focus is important to an organisation and other nuances of building a company from Hari T.N , Suruchi Maitra. The best part is that his knowledge is not restricted to just big corporates. With this programme, anyone can learn about founding and running a great business.

Senu Sam

A few days back I attended a Workshop on Startup Scaling by the Artha School of Entrepreneurship. It covered many aspects of Culture, Leadership, Hiring etc... Amazing sessions by Hari T.N and Suruchi Maitra. Most of the areas were covered by citing real-life examples which made it more interesting.

Johns T Mathai

Thanks to Hari T.N and Suruchi Maitra for leading the workshop with your full heart. Let your journey of giving back help improve more and more entrepreneurs around the world. I thought there would be tips and tricks on how to grow a startup, but instead I heard some great, deep insights through real-life stories and self-assessments.

Fawaz TC

A cluttered thought process could potentially spell disaster for your business. Unless you cut through the clutter in the way you plan your business activities, friction and a lack of effectiveness will be your constant companions says Hari T.N. This is going to be massive and will have a large impact on the indian startup ecosystem.

Haani Hashim S V P

Some programs are more meaningful and give practical inputs. Had the opportunity to attend - ARTHA SCALEUP workshop conducted KSN Global. It was an awesome program, which gave real perspective on how small and scalable business can be shaped to achieve the objective. Hari is so clear about what he delivers and its bang on the target.

Sumesh Menon

#THub was glad to partner with Artha School of Entrepreneurship to co-organize a scale up program. We congratulate the founders on successfully completing "Artha Scale Program".


Artha Scale Program was hosted by KSN GLOBAL at Kochi on 19/20 Aug 2022. The 2-day program provided early-stage start-up founders the know-how & tools to deal with the most common challenges of scaling. Hari and Suruchi come with decades of experience having built & scaled many successful high growth start-ups. Workshop created a great bond among the founders and the positive vibes will stay for a long period.

Anil Balan

I attended intense and invigorating weekend session at the Artha School of Entrepreneurshipand learnt something new that I wish I had known in such detail a few months ago! As an entrepreneur I have been immersed the various aspects of PMF (product market fit) - from having a deep understanding about the need for PMF to actually proving PMF and scaling after having achieved PMF. Fundraising can be an all-consuming part of a founder's life - immersive, exhausting and illuminating....I have never before had to think about "Capital - Business Fit" The two day session outlined not just the importance of finding the right investment partner but also helped us think through which aspects of our business make us a good fit for a certain type of investor. It's a lot more complex than we know - from ticket size to business stage - from industry to business models - there is capital to be had - assuming you knocking on the right doors. These are lessons early stage and first time entrepreneurs would do well with... Thank you Debleena Majumdar and Hars Saraf for your time. Debleena made me think long and hard about the story we are telling; there are lessons I have taken away for life (Purple Prose - IYKYK) and Hars, there was so much more we could have grilled you on! Reach out to Hari TN and Suruchi Maitra to join the Artha School of Entrepreneurship right away - you can thank me later!

Runam Mehta

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